5 Tips for New (And Existing) Drone Owners

In 2015, the market of drones amounted to one quarter of a billion dollars. In 2020, it is expected to rise to $1.75 billion. By 2024, it will be a 3 billion dollar industry. And these facts, figures and predictions are keeping in mind civilians only. The military spending on the drones has not been […]

5 Tips for New (And Existing) Drone Owners

In 2015, the market of drones amounted to one quarter of a billion dollars. In 2020, it is expected to rise to $1.75 billion. By 2024, it will be a 3 billion dollar industry. And these facts, figures and predictions are keeping in mind civilians only. The military spending on the drones has not been included. This shows the popularity of the drones and how they are to soon become every household’s commodity. We vehemently advocate safety when flying and this article discusses regulations and best practices for flying. So, let me elucidate the five major things to be known before buying a drone.


If you are going to buy a drone, you ought to first realize that anything that flies will be difficult to control. A normal quad copter is entirely difficult to fly, yet what keeps it stable is the microchips inside (called the flight controller). Each drone flies somewhat separately relying upon how the flight controller is setup. Some flight controllers are designed for more agile flying while others may be equipped more towards stability.

With regards to flying and expertise level, there is this high value curve that no one truly talks about. It is usually known as the “value versus convenience curve”. Typically, with drones, planes or helicopters when the cost goes up, the difficulty level also goes up. In any case, with automatons that isn’t the situation. The ease of user esteem goes from 0 to 10 and the cost value goes from $0 to $1,000. Taking those numbers into account you can say that the less difficult drones to fly are in the range of $700. The truth behind why more costly drones fly better is a direct result of the additional sensors and other components attached to the flight controllers inside.

Right now some of the easiest drones to fly are Phantom 3, Q500, 3DR SOLO and Inspire 1 in contrary to SYMA X5C or HUBSAN which are cheaper but are more difficult to keep in the air for a long time.


When shopping for a drone you may see some of general acronyms that appear which are RTF, BNF and ARF.

· RTF is the abbreviation for Ready-To-Fly: Typically a RTF quad copter does not require any assembling or setup, yet you might need to do some simple things like getting battery to charge, installing the propellers or sticking the controller to the quad copter (make them converse with each other).

· BNF is the abbreviation for Bind-And-Fly: A BNF quad copter more often comes completely assembled, though without a controller. With BNF drones, you will need to use the controller that you as of now have (if it is compatible with the drone) or buy a controller separately. So check to ensure that your controller will work with your BNF model drone before purchasing it.

· ARF is the abbreviation for Almost-Ready-To-Fly. ARF quad copters are normally like drone kits. Generally they do not come with transmitters or collectors and might require fractional assembly. An ARF drone unit may likewise leave out parts like flight controller, battery, ECS or motor. The meaning of an ARF drone unit is exceptionally wide, so at whatever point you see ARF in the title, you ought to peruse the depiction altogether.


In case you simply need something to fly around the house for $50, then this area does not generally apply to you. However if you are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars then you have to contribute your time and cash astutely.

· Put resources into a decent controller: Getting a decent controller is one of the best investments you can make. Controllers (unlike cell phones) do not get obsolete quickly, so in case you are anticipating pursuing this passion for a long time, you are going to need to get a controller that will for at least a few years.

· Purchase a decent charge: I know it appears to be inappropriate to spend a considerable measure of cash for a battery charger, yet simply like with your controller, a great charger is going to keep going for quite a long time. You can even purchase connectors/adapters for charging more than one battery at once.

· Put resources into Research: I realize that purchasing your first drone is totally exciting; however it is not something you ought to surge. The more research you do, the more learning you will pick up, and in the end you will begin to comprehend the difference between the drone parts out there and the reasons why one part may be better than the other. This way you can spend your cash more wisely.


If you do not know where to purchase a drone, do not stress. There are many online stores for drones that will ship to pretty much any country. The majority of the large online drone retailers are situated in either the USA or China. They will definitely ship to your country. If not, looking and searching thoroughly will help you find a store near you.

One of the greatest stores for purchasing drones is called Hobby King. Hobby King is similar to the Walmart of Radio control. They have a huge number of items available to be purchased. A portion of the drone parts sold at Hobby King is good. However some are really bad quality stuff, so you truly need to read carefully the description of whatever the part is that you need to get.

Some other places to search for drones and their parts is the classifieds segment of RCGroups.com. The classifieds area of RCGroups.com is similar to the Craigslist of radio control stuff. You can discover astounding deals. However you can likewise get misled and ripped off. So be cautious who you purchase from on there.


I suggest that everybody who possesses a drone (or needs to purchase one) be part of an online (or physical) group of like minded drone enthusiasts. There is a huge number of online drone discussion forums and groups. Some are for general discussions and a few are for particular subjects, similar to a specific product offering or part. You do not need to join each drone group you find, yet I suggest finding no less than maybe a couple of popular groups and sticking to them.

If you really do not know about any of the drone discussion communities or forums then you should simply Google it. There are hundreds of online forums where you can begin your search and discussions.

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