TC-X 2 Bulbs/Set Guaranteed LED Car Light H7 H1 H3 H11 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H27/880 9012 Driving Passing Beam Fog Light Replacement

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TC-X LED Advanced Design Solution

TC-X 2 Bulbs/Set Guaranteed LED Car Light H7 H1 H3 H11 9006/HB4 9005/HB3 H27/880 9012 Driving Passing Beam Fog Light Replacement

Superior fan of the Pro-Turbo series A more correct light beam, not blinding the oncoming cars. Available bases H7 H8 H11 H1 HB3 9005 HB4 9006 H3 880 H27 H4 9012

In this model, TAILOR-MADE chips are used. The glow of the lamps is crystal white. The lamp has a much larger luminous flux relative to the halogen, giving a good fill and excellent visibility in all weathers. Lamps do not radiate ultraviolet, which distinguishes them from cheap xenon, which has an extremely negative effect on the headlight reflectors and the plastic surface

Parameters of one lamp Power: 35 W Brightness: 2700~3500 Lm H1 H3 880: 1.8A / 12V H7 H11 9006 9005: 2.5A / 12V H4 far / near: 2.5A / 12V (far), 2.3A / 12V (near) (Accuracy + -0.2A)

Lamps of white luminescence 6000K with brightness 2700 Lm The light of the lamps is close to the daytime, this is the most comfortable light for the human eye. Lamps provide good visibility both in dry and rainy weather.

A new type of fan, even quieter, less vibration. The rotation speed of 12,000 rpm ensures a stable lamp temperature of up to 40-50 degrees Celsius. The lifetime of a lamp with this type of fan is 30,000 hours

No errors in the on-board computer! A thin power supply (driver) monitors the operation of the lamp and its cooling. Built-in blende and compact dimensions allow you to install this model in almost any car.

The arrangement of the chips on the LED lamp coincides with the location of the filament of the halogen, which forms the correct light beam.

Degree of protection IP68 The moisture resistance of lamps allows using it in any weather even in fog lamps.

Please choose the correct lamp socket for your car.

Attention! 1. This model may not work correctly in JEEP cars. 2. This model has a built-in blend, however, it is not 100% readable by cars. If your car still requires a CANBUS decoder, you can order it from us. If you have any questions, please contact our support team. 3. The lamp with the H7 socket may require a special adapter-mount. Please check in advance whether you need an adapter (applies to many foreign cars manufactured after 2011) 4. Lamps are suitable for use in halogen lenses, but the light will not be as bright as on cars with a factory xenon. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team. Thank you for attention!

Q:They are 12 v or 24 v also? A:12 Volt. Q:Is that the price of a single light bulb? A:One set product price i.e. 2 pieces. Q:The focus 2 dorestayl fit? A:Suitable for any car if there is 3 cm space for the lamp to close the lid. Q:Whether to buy these lamps as halogen replacement? A:Yes, of course, the light is better and the service life is longer. Q:Renault Logan 2015 years will do?someone put? A:The cover is necessary to look,can not close.

Additional information

Car Model

Universal(except Jeep models/Golf 6)

Brand Name


Led Chip Manufacturer


Beam available

H1 H3 H7 H8/H9/H11 9005 9006 880 9012 H4 9007 9004 H13

Super long life

30000 hours


mostly Plug & Play, some car model require addictional adapter

Chip Assembly Type




Color Temperature


Light Source



35W input, 23W output

Car Brand

Universal(except Jeep models/Golf 6)

Led Beam Type


Item Type

Light Sourcing


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